Telepsychiatry Visits

In order to complete a telepsychiatry visit, please log in to the patient portal either from your computer or smartphone and use the Healow app. 

If you do not remember your username or password, please call or text (415) 521-1506 and we can assist you with logging in. 

If you have not used your Portal in some time, consider logging in prior to your appointment so that issues can be addressed prior to the visit, if possible. 

On your smartphone: log in to the Healow app, click Appointment, and the Televisit button.

On your computer: Please use the Chrome browser. 

  • Click PATIENT PORTAL up top, log in. 
  • Once logged in, you will see the Appointment. Click “Join Televisit” on the lower right corner of the Appointment. 
  • The next screen shows questions in preparation of the visit. Answering these questions would be helpful, but are optional. Click “Submit Questionnaire”. 
  • You will then be asked vital signs: height, weight, etc. Please fill in what you know and click “Submit Vitals”. These, again, would be helpful but are optional
  • Then, “Join” the visit. You will see a video screen and hear a chime while you wait. The scheduled provider will join you when they are ready. 

BACKUP SYSTEM: If you are having technical difficulties, we will use as back up .You can also connect to your provider through their direct link below:

Your provider will call and/or text your phone if they do not see you logged in to either your patient portal or for the visit. So please keep your phone near. 

Looking forward to our visit together.